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Our timeshare resales services will offer you a great opportunity in a non-pressured environment to sell a timeshare, buy a timeshare and rent a timeshare.  We welcome all of your questions and proceed only when you fully understand the service we provide.

We offer a wealth of experience spanning over two decades of knowledge within the timeshare resale industry.

When you make the decision to sell your timeshare we will offer you a complete timeshare resale service which includes our much talked about free timeshare valuation and timeshare appraisal service. This allows you to register your timeshare sales details and allow us to answer your questions about selling your timeshare and then allow you the customer to make your decision. Once you are happy to proceed to sell your ownership we will ensure you receive the highest level of service and commitment to ensure we find you a buyer for your timeshare. Full details of how to sell a timeshare can be found under our Sell Timeshare pages.

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British Based Timeshare Company

Confused About Timeshare are a British based company, however our Timeshare Sales program leads us to every corner of the World on a daily basis. We have experience with the vast majority of timeshare resorts, timeshare point's ownerships, holiday clubs and timeshare vacation ownerships throughout the World. We have gained this experience over many years of service within the timeshare resale industry. We have ensured our Staff are highly competent and trained and not to mention friendly, to allow them to offer you professional advise when requesting information about selling timeshare or buying timeshare.

In addition to this we offer experience to sell timeshare and buy timeshare in many different languages. You can make contact with one of our Bilingual timeshare brokers. We aim to offer both spoken and written timeshare sales knowledge in all major languages and in all cases will help every customer who contacts our company with a timeshare enquiry.

We often read of companies claiming to be the "Worldwide Timeshare Specialist" or "Number one Timeshare Resale Company in Europe". Whilst it is great to read these words we believe actions speak louder than words and ask you our customer to make up your own mind. Once you have purchased your first timeshare or sold your timeshare with our company or rented a timeshare through our rental program we will always ask for your feedback this way allowing you our customer to decide if we deserve the feedback which we are proud to display in our testimonial section. You will be able to read information from customers who have purchased timeshare and sold timeshare with our company. We understand you will have many questions when you decide to purchase or sell a timeshare ownership and with this in mind we have compiled some useful timeshare information pages that can be used as a reference. You can also complete our contact form and request further information by email or telephone.

Timeshare Resales

The timeshare industry is continuing to change and we at Confused About Timeshare ensure through many training services available and seminars we keep fully up to date with new resorts, timeshare programs, holiday clubs and vacation ownerships. Timeshare has evolved over the past 25 years where by many of the major brands of the hotel industry have joined the World of Timeshare. To name a few: Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Club, Anfi Resorts, Petchey Resorts, Pestana Timeshare Resorts, Devere Group, RCI Points and Club La Costa. These major holiday companies combine their vast knowledge of the vacation industry and have taken this to the new level of timeshare ownership. The resorts on offer in today's timeshare world are often five star establishments with services to match the highest possible standard clients expect from their ownership.

Whilst there are many thousands of timeshare resorts worldwide we have added below our favourites and more importantly the ones that we sell most regularly.

This is only a small selection of some of the best resorts available through Confused About Timeshare but please feel free to browse our extensive listings to find what you are looking for. You may visit our Timeshare Resort Index or search our current timeshare availability.

There are many Timeshare Developers that own multiple resorts in many different locations often allowing timeshare owners the chance to exchange throughout their own resorts and use their own ownership as a home timeshare resort whilst exchanging. The most popular method of timeshare exchange is through one of the main timeshare exchange companies. The three companies we use and promote to our customers are, RCI, Interval International and Dial An Exchange.

Buying And Selling Timeshare

We are proud to offer a complete stakeholder escrow service for all customers during the selling timeshare and buying timeshare process. This means complete protection for you. This will mean that purchase and sales funds are held safely by a third party secured escrow agent who will only release monies on completion of a sale. This process protects both the seller and buyer to ensure your timeshare transaction is a safe and happy experience.

Timeshare Rental Program

We decided to ensure that our timeshare rental program is an accessible way for customers who wish to Rent Timeshare or for customers who have unused weeks or unable to use their current timeshare occupancy to make some extra money and Rent their timeshare ownership. The rental program has been very successful, with customers wishing to allow someone else the opportunity to use their timeshare ownership when they are not using it. Please feel free to browse our timeshare rental listings.

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  • Thank you for getting the sale of our Anfi timeshare sorted. Considering we are the other side of the world I think the whole transaction from start to finish wasn't too painful. read more ...

  • We have spent nearly 2 years trying unsuccessfully to sell and feel very lucky that we contacted you. read more ...

  • Confused About Timeshare was very good and they kept us up to date throughout the process, thanks again. read more ...

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